On each review, I give a rating out of 50. This is based on five factors:

  • Taste – This is straight forward. If it’s delicious, it gets a high score. If I throw up, it doesn’t.
  • Nutrition – Whether or not the food is healthy. This is very important for vegetarian food because if you’re unwise, you can quickly become ill. Most important to nutrition is the content of fat, salt, sugar, vitamins and protein.
  • Atmosphere – This takes into account the feel of the restaurant. From seedy to fancy, this can be very important in the whole food experience.
  • Cost – Given that I have no money, the cheaper, the better. Thus, a high score means that it’s good value.
  • Convenience – How accessible the food is. If it’s delivered or quick, then it’s convenient. If I can never get a table, it’s not. Note that this will be from an outsider’s perspective (college food is not convenient to people other than me).
  • Overall – Everything combined! This is the most important score.

The following is a guide on whether the food is worth it, based on the overall score out of 50:

  • 1-10 – The worst food ever. Avoid at all costs.
  • 11-20 – Below average. Probably not worth it.
  • 21-30 – Average. Alright but nothing to write home about.
  • 31-40 – Tasty. Worth trying.
  • 41-50 – Amazing. If you haven’t tried this yet, go right now.



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